About Us

We are one of the leading manufactures pulverisers machinery since 1995.(dry minerals, ores grinding machine manufacturer).

Our special manufacture is 3R Grinding Mill which is a easy operative machine by employing very less labour with output of fine mesh powder.

High Density mineral can also be powdering due to our provision of special to reduce wear & tear while powdering. We have also take care in foundry production also with our special tie up with our foundry group.

Our Manufacturing machine are as follows

  • 3 R Mill 3R 880.
  • 3 R Mill 3R 940.
  • 3 R Mill 3R 1200.
  • 3 R Mill 3R 1385.
  • Beter Box.
  • Mixer Machine pedal type with automatic opening pneumatic Door.
  • Jaw Crusher, 14”×7, 16”×9.
  • Roll Crusher.
  • Belt Conveyors.
  • Roof Trusses, and Columns.