Our Manufacturer Machinery

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of mineral processing machinery viz. 2 Roller Mill, 3 Roller Mill and 5 Roller Mill, and also suppliers of All kinds of Machinery Spares inclusive of minerals mills from the past 20 years.

From our 20 years of Experience in this field of machinery and spares manufactures, we now introducing the modern new system for higher capacity of production with graded quality of mesh in regular process by maintaining free classifier.

As explained above with the above new method of process, we introduces Auto Cut Off Vibrating & Dimmer Box which will reduce the strength of employees and easy maintenances without any broken of parts.A part from all the above, our machineries are manufactured for easy replacement spares for a long period of usage.

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Our Machinery Spares

Whizzer Classifier

Our whizzer classifier is well manufactured with dynamic balancing fitting method due to this system of manufacture the machine will run on normal specific speed which will in turn to separate the fine mesh as required.


Our blower are manufactured to run on at 1400rpm to 2200rpm. The materials of M.S body liner fitted as Split Type for enable easy maintenance with the above proper manufacture of Blower Fan will dynamic balance the blower will run even at 2000rpm with free vibration.

Feeding System

The feeding system entirely change from old type of rack pinion system manufacture as auto feed auto cut off method hence the material will feed properly.

Roll & Bullring

Rolls Bullring is a main part in our machine we apply our special care in proving bullring as manganese steel Gr Ⅲ 276 with proper suitable Rolls.

Drive System

Our mill drive system is entirely differ from old system of running at first the machine will drive as direct drive method viz, motor will be connects to one counter shaft pulley through belt connection which will reduce running speed of the motor so as to connect next connection of mill bottom of 36” V Belt pulley direct to run without gear box connecting. Secondary the gear box will be fitting on mill base plate top portion chamber body then the pinion shaft will be fitting with motor for running.